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Executive Council 


   Mr. Sean Gaudet ('87)
   Jace Anderson ('25)
   Britney Matos ('25)
   Katrina Nodine ('24)


Class of 2024
 Imani Robinson
 Jayden Zabala
 Julianne Grassi
 Katrina Nodine
 Ray Smith
 Ronnie Wasko
 Rowan Heyman
 Skylar Walters


Class of 2025
 Aidan Johns
 Blake Walensky 
 Britney Matos
 Danica Boswell
 Gabriela Plomero
 Jace Anderson
 Moxie Shmitt
 Nathanio Scott
 Riley Carter
 Tisha Hossain
 Wren Grogan


Class of 2026
 Hailey Garcia
 Isabel Witt
 Layla Knight
 Olivia Everhart

Active Membership

You must earn at least 5 Thespian points each school year to remain an active member of Troupe 6172.
Inactive Members
Taken a break from Thespians for a year and want to re-activate your membership? See the troupe director!
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