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Executive Council

Troupe 6172 is led by its two Troupe Directors, Mr. Gaudet and Mrs. Neff, as well as an elected Executive Council of three students.

The leader of the Thespians. The President is the representative of the Troupe, and shall always strive to ensure that the Thespians are a respected and well-regarded group to other students, parents, faculty, and community members.


The President will seek to unite, not to divide, and will treat all Thespians with equal respect. Along with other Thespians, the President will innovate new ideas, and set an example for the rest of the troupe through hard work, follow-through, and dedication.

The Vice President is in charge of troupe outreach, taking and posting pictures of all Thespian events, and promoting social media awareness. The V.P. will lead the Thespians in the President's absence. The Vice President will help to coordinate Thespian events, including competitions, plays, and other productions.

The Secretary will take notes at all meetings, and submit them to the sponsor. He/she will also help to coordinate fundraisers, and send notes of thanks to donors and business partners.  The Secretary is also responsible for assisting the sponsor, President, and Vice-President in their assigned duties.

Eligibilty & Voting

All currently active and inducted Thespians who are intending on returning to WCHS for the next school year are eligible to be nominated for office, and to vote.


  • A nomination window of at least two days will be opened each year.

  • Any eligible Thespian may be nominated for any office.

  • An individual Thespian may be nominated for multiple offices.

  • You may nominate yourself.

  • Please make sure someone WANTS to be nominated before nominating them.

  • Paper nominations may be picked up in Room 229 from the Troupe Director.

  • Absent students may submit nominations by e-mail to the Troupe Director. The e-mail must arrive by the end of the nomination window.

  • Nominations will usually take place after the Film Festival in late April/early May. If there is a global pandemic or something like that, they will take place when school resumes.

Voting Window & Tallying

  • Voting will start at least 3 days after nominations close to give Thespians the opportunity to talk with each other, ask questions, and talk with the nominees.

  • The voting window will open at the start of the school day, and close at the end of the school day.

  • Only one election is held per day: President, then Vice-President, then Secretary.

  • Paper ballots may be picked up in Room 229 from the Troupe Director.

  • You must sign that you have received your ballot, but your vote is anonymous.

  • Students who are not on campus that day may send their vote by e-mail to the Troupe Director. The e-mail must arrive by the end of school that day.

  • Votes will be tallied by at least 2 people. Eligible vote counters include the Troupe Directors and any current member(s) of the outgoing Exec Council who are not returning to WCHS the following year.

  • Election results will be posted on the troupe's website.

  • Vote counts are not reported, because whether it is a close election or a landslide, historically that information has always ended up hurting someone.

Run-Off Elections & Tie Breakers

  • If no Thespian wins 50%+ of the vote, a run-off election will be held between the leading candidates the following day.

  • If the vote is still a tie after the run-off election, the Troupe Director will cast the deciding vote after consulting the advice of any outgoing Exec Council members present at the vote tallying.

What Do Your Troupe Directors Think Makes a Great Exec Council Member?

  • reliable - always follows through

  • innovative - comes up with their own ideas

  • communicative - shares thoughts directly and openly

  • inclusive - works to include every member of Troupe 6172

  • academic - maintains good grades at all times

  • present - has a great attendance record, and pledges to keep that going even during their senior year when let's be honest, some 12th graders start fading away

  • kind - listens, treats others respectfully, sees others as human beings

  • good role model - inspires others to be better, or "themselves +1"

  • low/no drama - mediates troupe conflicts, and asks for the Troupe Director's help instead of creating conflicts or taking sides

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