Wesley Chapel High School
Troupe 6172
District 14, Florida

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Contains official rules, scoring criteria, advice, and 6172 Halls of Fame for all 14 events that Thespians can enter!


Registration IS NOW OPEN

Paying your fee online? Select "Thespian Virtual SW Regional Festival"

Register your event ONLY WHEN you have your draft version ready to upload!

We've Gone Virtual!

What does that mean?

  • District 14 (that's us) have joined Districts 4 & 9 to create the Southwest Region. So instead of Districts ... it's REGIONALS.

  • All Events will be pre-recorded and uploaded.

  • The actual festival will be available in a massive 3-day event.

  • You'll have FULL ACCESS to every scene performed and every tech event entered.

  • In addition, you'll have LIVE ACCESS to some special workshops and livestreamed performances.

Should I enter an event?

  • Yes. Do it.

  • You'll get feedback from judges outside of our little "feedback bubble." That matters.

  • Anyone who enters an event automatically qualifies to attend the STATES Festival in 2021.

  • And ... if you earn a Superior in your event, you may be one of the 5 events that represents Wesley Chapel at States! 

Can we still enter duet and group events?

  • YES.

  • You can either film your act together OR film separately, and edit your scene together.

  • Check out the official rules on virtual performances.


What about Tech Events? Are those still around?


  • Nov 11 - Register YOURSELF

  • Nov 18 - Register and upload your 1st draft version of your EVENT

  • Nov 25 - OPTIONAL - Upload a NEW VERSION of your event. If you don't, your 1st draft version will be submitted for you.

District Event Signups

as of Oct 20, 2020