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The Worst


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Their Roots

The Worst is an American band originating in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1986. Its style is composed of tributes of types of music such as rap, ballads, reggae, thrash metal, pop rock, and country western.  [This page pays homage to their original works: music as it truly has never been "performed" before.]


The Men Behind the Music

At one time, The Worst was a 4-piece band comprised of S. Gaudet (keyboards), P. Kornik (lead guitar), K. Paulini (bass guitar) and R. Passerello (drums). 


This splendid band lasted approximately 2 days after their first rehearsal when any hope of being a cover band of any kind was crushed. Paulini had just started learning the bass, Passerello hadn't played drums in about 2 years and couldn't keep the beat, and Gaudet had a tiny $149 Lechmere special for a keyboard. In fact, the only person with any talent at all was Kornik.


So, afraid of deceiving the public into believing that the band had any talent, they christened themselves The Worst around 2 hours after the rehearsal started.


Kornik quit shortly after, joining a band called Revelation. P. Ciccone picked up the empty electric guitar slot, and then quit a small time later as well, wanting to devote his full attention to bodybuilding. 


That left only Gaudet (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Paulini (bass guitar, vocals.)  Would this plucky musical duo quit forever? The answer, unfortunately, was "no."

The Women Behind the Scenes

B. Harper was the manager for The Worst, who never showed up for any rehearsals, got any gigs for the band, or found any recording contracts.  J. Paszko was the video director for The Worst, and got halfway through the video for their alternative take on life, "Film at 11." The video was never finished. [Update: it was. About 10 years later.]

The Tape

Originally, The Worst released a tape with 8 songs on it, and dubbed the LP "Film at 11." They later recorded 5 more songs, added it to the original 8 and called the new work, "Anthology."


However, with Paulini moving to Texas, and his returning of the bass guitar he had borrowed from his church, it doesn't look like The Worst will be recording anything new soon.  There are only two songs of any musical merit whatsoever on the tape, "It's Too Late" and "While Soaring Through the Night."  Not coincidentally, neither song have any vocals.

So then, cherish this Anthology of The Worst's songs.  I'd like to say it was a lot of work getting here, but the most work was in typing this whole thing up, and not making the songs.  Maybe next album.

S. Gaudet, 1989

"Film at 11" (1989)

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