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Stage Sealing

UPDATE: Kat Connelly worked a solid FOUR HOURS sealing the stage with flooring polyurethene, and the stage looks practically brand new. Thank you very, very much! Also, I promised that Kat would be forever known as Lord Empress of Stage Sealing, and so shall it be.


I need a volunteer to help seal our Drama Room's stage with a wood sealer tomorrow morning (Tuesday 8/18).

You can come in to pick up your schedule at Registration and then head over to the Drama Room. If you're volunteering, please make sure to bring clothes you hate because wood sealer does not come off fabric. You also need to be here in the morning because I have afternoon Registration Day duties (be able to start work by 10:00am at the latest).

The first volunteer to email Mr. G at will earn a Thespian Point and be forever known as the Lord Emperor of Stage Sealing.

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