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Film Fest 2023 Under Way!

Now that "The Crucible" has closed, all eyes are turning on our final public event of the season .. Film Fest 2023!

This show will be held in the EVENING and is OPEN to the public!


Tuesday May 9, 2023

Tickets $4.00

(GoFan link to be added)

Thank you to Aliyah Rodriguez-Sanchez ('23), who is making trailers for our show, as well as a promo video. And thank you to Savannah Stevens ('23), who is designing the posters!

All finalists will receive FIVE free tickets and FIVE free posters for their production cast and crew.

All category nominees ALSO attend the evening's event for free.

Next on my list of things to do before the end of the year:

  • Order those Film Fest '23 trophies

  • Rustle up some judges

  • Send out 10+ invitations for new Troupe 6172 official members

  • Hold an election for a new Exec Council

  • Grab those graduation Honor Cords

  • Throw a big party on May 19

This has been a great year! Let's keep it going through to the end.


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