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Exec Council/Thespian Meeting

Thank you for your understanding in postponing today's meeting. Mrs. Gaudet is feeling much better now after a rough bout of heat exhaustion this afternoon.

I want to meet with the Exec Council AND any interested Thespians about a few things.

SAM, BRITNEY, KATRINA - can you please discuss and pick another day? Any is fine for me as long as works for you three.

The Comedy Show

  • titles? moods? vobes?

  • we have 3 classes this year, so we'll have three shows

  • that means each show can be a little LONGER than the hard 30 minutes we've usually used

  • two casts will be a size of 18-20 (Periods 4 & 5) and 9-10 (Period 6) with split casts

  • I wrote a One Act over the summer. I'd love for you to check it out.

  • We only have FOUR days in the theater instead of FIVE from now on

  • We will practice stagehand drills and scene changes in Room 229 to prep for our lost day

  • We will lay out prop tables, garment racks, makeup stations in easy-to-unpack containers in Room 229 to prep for our last day.

  • GOAL: We walk into the theater on our Tech Day with everybody knowing exactly what they’re doing. TEAM-PROFESSIONAL

  • Hold those two TECH/DRESS days during school hours, 7:00a-1:30p. No after school.

District Festival RULES CHANGE

  • - Oh man I just got an e-mail at 4:58pm today that upends what I wanted to talk about.

  • - We can no longer pick any play. Publishing houses and playwright estates are flexing copywrite laws

  • - I saw a "Green List" and "Red List" of plays we can and can't definitely choose from

  • - It's still developing

  • - There is now a SHORT FILM category! That's our jam!

  • - More info at the Troupe Directors' Meeting on Sat. Sep 9 at OUR SCHOOL - 10am-2pm

  • - I will need 2 Exec Council members to come. If all 3 of you want to, that's cool, too.

PROPOSED - Bring back Drama Club (last existed 1999-2002)

  • open to all students

  • meets once a month

  • improv games

  • big end year goal - Drama Club movie at the Film Festival? group musical?

  • meeting after school 1x/month for an hour

T-Shirts (Change)

  • WCHS Drama (Blue) - $20 free entry to all WCHS Drama events

  • WCHS Thespian (Black) - $20 free entry to all WCHS Drama events

  • Title logo / super clean design - will encourage students to put in regular rotation = advertisement

  • Personalized names on back

  • Allow parents to buy? Mom/Dad, etc? Not sure if possible

Districts 2023 (Dec 9) (New strategy)

  • We’re hosting

  • All Acting class students can enter Districts whether they are Thespians are not

  • Drama Club students can enter Districts

  • All Thespians expected to set up and enter at least one event (unless spec. circumstance)

  • Class time for months to work on events

  • Will be expected to be use class time to prepare an event(s) you WANT to enter

  • Mr. G will do mini-lessons on the tech events because they are cool & are kind of unclear

  • Auditions for the 5 slots/event type

  • Feel free to use Drama Club time to rehearse Musical events

  • BONUS: No more after-school workshops; can do all during class or at Drama Club mtg

Winter Film Festival

  • Expanding film length to 6:00 to 9:30 minutes (our original film length requirement)

  • Still at night; no show during school day

  • Will get parent signatures on everything ahead of time

  • We COULD add Drama Club performances or a Drama Club movie as a special feature BEFORE the Film Festival begins

Spring Production

  • DISADVANTAGE: You have 60% of a Drama teacher this year. Spring is also when I’m supposed to be grinding test prep for English 2 Honors students. And I don’t know what that is. I’m going to be spending after-school time with the English team.

  • BIG PROBLEM: I can’t run a full-length Spring production with less than ½ the time I usually have.

  • PROPOSED SOLUTION: Student-written One Acts, like we did back from 2004-2014(?). Can use Play Writing entries for Districts as well as other individuals and friends getting together who want to write a piece. It could TOTALLY BE WRITTEN BY US.

  • CHALLENGES: Everybody in every class who wants a part needs to get a part. Total amount of time for One Act show can’t exceed 2 hours.

  • OPPORTUNITY: Could allow Drama Club members to play as extras/villagers, etc. Or to be writers.

  • OPPORTUNITY: Would allow short-form plays to be performed. 5 minutes? 10 minutes?

  • OPPORTUNITY: Students who have wanted to be Directors or Playwrights would finally get their shot

  • FUTURE: If we get our numbers high enough we will def. go back to full-length production for 2024-25. This is intended to be a one-year “Let’s Deal With This Now Plan”

Okay those are all the things I wanted to talk about.

I want you to know that I am super psyched for this year, ready to tackle our setbacks, take advantage of our new opportunities, and to have the best year.


-Mr. Gaudet

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