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The FL Legistlature has made running this site very complicated. I don't want to publish any information about any sutdent who is performing in a show, advertise when they might be appearing at our Center for the Arts, or publish the individual 'star pages' that each Thespian had showing their accomplishments.

I have stopped updating the site as of the start of the 2023-24 school year. I've also stopped making the payments to maintain the site editor and domain name, something I've been paying for on my own for decades now.

First, I will lose the ability to update the site at all. Eventually, the domain name will collapse and will no longer be available.

It has always been my wish to pass this on to my eventual successor. If times and laws change, I will happily turn this site back on and resume updating. There's still hope!

In any case, it's been my pride and pleasure to manage this tribute to the students and alumni of WCHSDrama for so long.

Happier days ahead! : )

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