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Comedy Show Closes

Thanks to everyone who was part of our 2015 Comedy Show!

Be sure to check out all of our online content, including pictures, full cast and crew list, and a behind-the-scenes documentary by our own Emma Bjornsen.

We had lots of Thespian celebrity alum sightings in our audience during the Comedy Show including: Josh McCluskey ('14), Matthew Tsvetkov ('15), Selena Reese ('15), Gianna Mojica-Martinez ('15) and Kathryn Smisek ('15) on Thursday. On Friday night, our celebrity Thespian alum included Tori Musco ('10), Jessica Courchene ('12), Alyssa Blackledge ('13), Alexis Blackledge ('14), Bryan Thomas-Ramos ('14), Dava Stein ('14), Gabby Thomas ('14), Jordan Bourque ('14), Raven Gonzalez ('14), Tyler Temple ('14), Shelby Heaton ('14), Taylor Gonzalez ('14), Dixie Montano ('15), Brianna Courchene ('15), and Jessica Negron ('15).

It was wonderful to see so many Thespians back in our collective second home for so many years!

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