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2020 Quarter 4 Thespians

Hey Guys,

I hope you're all taking good care of yourself during this really odd, scary, and confusing time. I hope you're getting lots of time to nap, to spend time with your families (and pets), and that you've been enjoying the silver linings of a world that seems to have been placed on [Pause] for an unprecedented moment.

Here's what I know so far, about Quarter 4 Thespians:

* States is cancelled. There is definitely no reschedule date. This is a really big hit for us in terms of experience, fun, preparation, and the $2,900 that we paid for the event. States has always had a strict "no refunds" policy, but my guess is that given this outstanding turn of events, we might be able to get SOME portion of that money back since some of the States expenses (judges, supplies, security) never happened. I know they can't give it all back, otherwise FL State Thespians will go bankrupt and we'll never have States again. When I know more about that, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

*Our Spring Play is not likely to materialize in any form, even in a funny rescue version. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION: I think our return of April 15th is probably overly optimistic, given that several states are shutting down their physical schools for the rest of their school years. Florida has also eliminated all of the remaining State and District EOC exams for the school year. I don't share my *unofficial opinion* with you to be pessimistic, but because I remember being a teenager and wishing adults would just be straight with me about what they were thinking. That said, I'd like to be super wrong.

*We were not able to get the $2,000 we paid for our "67 Cinderellas" backdrops back, but we do have a credit for our next production. Expect Comedy Show 2020 to look good.

*It's very unlikely that our 20th Annual Film Festival will be able to go on in its traditional state. This is obviously disappointing, and not just for the $1,500 we usually make for Thespians as a fundraiser. Individual awards, posters, and physical trophies are very likely off the table this year but we will find a way to celebrate and publish your hard work. I've been talking with Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Bertig, and we are working on a method of working together virtually and using the WCHSDrama channel in an effort to preserve the anticipation, the joy, and the majesty that is our WCHS Student Film Festival.

*I don't have any information about our traditional May events which include our new Thespian invitations, 2020-21 Exec Council elections, or our end-of-the-year party. When I do, I'll let you know.

*Despite our financial setbacks, Troupe 6172 is not broke. Over the past 20 years, we have saved carefully and in a very conservative manner, building enough money in our reserves to survive just in case something catastrophic and out-of-control happened. It did. We're still okay.

*I don't know what virtual learning will be like for Acting 1, 2, 3 or Play Writing classes. Teachers are scheduled for a virtual training on "distance learning" this Friday (3/27). When I do, I'll be sure to share the info with you. Believe me, I am just as curious as you are as to how this will work! My guess: not NEARLY as good as being in the classroom together, but it'll still be something.

In closing, I want you to know that there is no joy for me in being stuck at home away from my classroom and away from you guys. You are very important to me. I already miss our conversations, our 10,000 inside jokes, the projects we've been working on together, and even those moments of frustrations and drama where we all come out on the other side feeling stronger and a little more at peace.

Take care of yourself. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, eat a vegetable once in a while, and remember to occasionally get some sunlight. I'll see you as soon as I can.

-Mr. G

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