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Online Drama Class Info

As it is now, core classes are set to start on March 31.

Most of the electives (including Acting, Tech Theater, and Playwriting) are set to start on April 6th. For pretty obvious reasons, most Fine Arts classes aren't offered on ESchool, so we don't have any pre-built Florida Virtual School courses that can just get plugged in and run like we could with Algebra, Language Arts, Marine Biology, etc.

Mr. Tom Viking, the Fine Arts supervisor, is working this week on creating the central materials that we will be using. When they are created, every Acting 1 class across Pasco County will have the same lessons and assignments. All of the Acting 2 classes will be the same, and so on. This means that you will have the same Acting 3 curriculum that students at say, River Ridge High School, will be taking.

My guess is that your virtual Acting/Tech/Play Writing experience not be as great as a real-life class, because any Fine Art class requires human presence, interaction and immediate feedback. That said, it will be something. The timeline the District put out says that I should have access to my course materials on April 3rd, so I should know more by then.

Whatever it is WE WILL HAVE FUN. Probably. I mean I can't actually say we will, but I'm optimistic about it.

An important thing to remember is that this quarter is not just weird, it is HISTORIC in nature. This has never happened to us before. That means you shouldn't expect things to be polished, or shiny, or amazing. Imagine that suddenly all of your teachers, principals, and support staff were on their very first day on the job. And they had 4 hours of training. That's what's happening here.

I miss seeing all of you guys! I wish I could go back into that classroom with you. I even miss the 6th period announcement that "Riders of Bus Z252 will now be riding Bus Z513. Please wait in front of the gym."

Senior students. We've all been through a ton together, and I really hope we get to see each other again!


-Mr. G

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