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Film Fest TOP TEN Announced!

Watch the trailer at

* Countdown begins Monday April 27

* Follow the countdown here

* Watch them all on WCHSDrama channel on YouTube


(in alphabetic order)

* American Dream

* Crime of Passion

* The Draft

* Eva

* Parties Give Me Anxiety

* Reminisce

* Sleep Tight

* The Voodoo Doll

* Times Up

* Todd's Taxidermy

Thank you to EVERYONE WHO ENTERED whether or not you're in the Top Ten. THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD FILMS THIS YEAR. If you didn't make it into the Top 10 and you see another movie and you're like, "Hey my movie is better than that!" then maybe it is. Maybe it isn't? Who knows? You can feel upset and that's okay but remember that this is how art works. It's subjective, not objective.

The results are all based on blind, weighted votes cast by Mr. Gaudet, Mrs. Neff, and Mrs. Bertig. Our opinions do not replace your artistry. If you would like to talk about your entry, feel free to talk to us directly via email or Zoom. Normally we could do this casually in class (like every other year) but this year is weird. WE WANT TO HELP YOU BE BETTER. We are on your side.

We are proud of you and your work.

Please help promote our Film Fest. And as always, support and love each other. Point out good things where they happen, and leave positive notes for filmmakers.


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