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Districts Festival. I Mean Regionals!


Dec 17-19, 2020

What's Going On?

  • Instead of Districts this year, Florida has been broken down into 4 REGIONS.

  • District 14 will be joining Districts 4 and 9 to create the SW Region.

  • All events will be PRE-RECORDED.

When Is This Happening?

  • Oct 20-Nov 20 : Registration Window.

  • All events must be uploaded to the FLThespian server by Nov 30.

  • I'll create deadlines for us.

What Kind of Events Can I Enter?

  • Acting: Monologue, Duet, Ensemble, Pantomime

  • Musicals: Solo, Duet, and Group

  • Tech: Costume Design, Costume Construction, Scene Design, Publicity Direction

  • Play Writing

  • Student Directed Scene

  • All of the rules are at

How Many Events Can I Enter?

  • You can enter up to 3 different events.

  • You can not enter the same event twice (ex: you can't be in two different Duet Musicals)

  • Our troupe can enter up to EIGHT of the same event this year (ex: we can't submit more than 8 monologues, or 8 duet acting scenes, etc.)

I'm New. I'm Scared. Should I Enter?

  • Yes. Do it!

  • Everybody started with a first year.

  • Seriously. Every Thespian should enter.

  • I will be sad if you don't. Please don't make me sad.

Will We Workshop Scenes?

  • Yes! I can and will workshop scenes with you over Zoom.

  • Or, I can workshop a scene you upload and give you feedback.

What are the Rules About Recording Things?

  • Read these rules below. Seriously. They answer every question you'll have about cameras and recording individually and such.

  • Virtual Performance events:

  • Virtual Technical events:

Can I Record at School?

  • Current Pasco County rules do NOT permit us to rehearse or record indoors at WCHS without masks or social distancing.

  • You can record yourself at home, or another location if you like.

  • It is up to you and your parents the lengths to which you socially distance &/or wear masks outside of school.

  • You CAN socially distance your scene, and make a note for the judges that "this scene is socially distanced."

  • Please. Please stay safe.

How Much Will it Cost?

  • $30 per student.

  • It actually costs more, but we'll be using some of our Thespian treasury reserves to keep the event affordable during this challenging financial time.

One Acts

  • We are not submitting a One Act this year.

Will There Be a States?

  • Yes. It will be virtual, too.

  • And you can advance to States.

  • More on that later!

We will talk more about this at our next Wednesday Zoom meeting. See you there!

Remember to join our Remind by texting @wchthespian to 81010.

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