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Let's Upload Some Events!

We've got TWENTY Troupe 6172 Thespians attending Regionals this year.

COMPLETE - Have all information, fees, etc.

Aaliyah, Abby, Angie, Austin, Devin, Emiliana, Emilie, Emmalynn, Hailee, Jade Schafer, Kaylei, Kylie, Lexia, Riley, Uli & Zach.

INCOMPLETE - Still missing something from your registration (I sent you an e-mail!)

Gaven, Kamryn, Meagan

Important to Know!

  • This year is stressful already.

  • Don't stress about winning a SUPERIOR. Or winning anything. I honestly couldn't care less.

  • Theater should be about HAVING FUN. Have fun with your entry.

  • TOTAL RESPECT for everyone who enters an event.

  • I will be making a special "2020 Thespian Heroes of the Apocalypse" poster for the Drama Room. It will include EVERY single Thespian who entered an event in this screwed up, messed up year. I'll hang it up as a permanent piece of WCHS Drama History. Be part of our history.

Stuff I've Done Already

  1. I've officially registered all of our Thespians on the COMPLETE list with the Thespians SW Regionals Festival.

  2. I've e-mailed invitations to our SHARED 6172 REGIONALS FOLDER. That's the storage space I've rented for us to upload our files to. It was $1.99 a month. Don't worry. I can always pick up a part-time job to pay for it. You're worth it.

So -- what's your next step?

  1. Choose your event. Or events! You can be in up to THREE different ones if you like.

  2. Practice your event(s).

  3. Upload the video of your event(s) to the SHARED 6172 REGIONALS FOLDER.

  4. Register your SOLO EVENT or TEAM EVENT at

  5. You MUST upload and register the first draft of your event by WED 11/18.

  6. You have ANOTHER week to upload a final draft by WED 11/25 - but you don't have to.

I Want to Do a Tech Theater Event! What Play Can I Use?

  • Any play that's been produced.

  • Any musical that's been produced.

  • Not sure? Ask Mr. G!

  • NOTE: The State Board of Directors voted to allow ANY PLAY this year, but they haven't updated their website at to reflect this. THERE IS NO LIST OF PLAYS.

Want to Talk About Events or Workshop?

  • Online Students - Stick around after a Zoom class. Let's talk! Or workshop!

  • Classroom Students - When everyone else is rehearsing Movie Monologues, let's talk! Or workshop!

  • Students I Don't Have for Class This Year - Email me for a Zoom talk! Or workshop!

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