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Duet Musical

Scoring Criteria
  • Character development/ Consistency

  • Delivery/Style

  • Emotional Commitment/ Believability

  • Pitch/Intonation

  • Staging/Choreography

  • Vocal Production/Technique



While the relationship on stage is important, I've found that vocal production tends to be the biggest single issue in performances.  Projection, pitch, and harmonizing are important.  You'll need to get the actual score you'll be singing - beware of trying to play it all by ear, especially on complex pieces.

Beyond that, figure out your characters' relationship, and play off of each other.  Duet Musical is as different from a Solo Musical, as a Duet Acting piece is different from a Monologue.


6172 Hall of Fame
  • Nick Devries & Amanda Lewandoski, "Song That Goes Like This/Spam-a-lot" (2016)

  • Nick Devries & Amanda Lewandoski, "Song That Goes Like This/Spam-a-lot" (2016)

  • Lauren Bates & Chrissy Bracken, "Secondary Characters/Title of Show" (2009)

  • Sean Davies & Adrian Padilla, "What You Own/ Rent" (2006)

  • Starlett Hill & Marc Quiles, "Sun and Moon/ Miss Saigon" (2006)

  • Melissa Domenech & Alex Masters, "I'll Know/ Guys & Dolls" (2001)

  • Hailee Watkins & Judy Chittenden, "Dear Theodosia" from "Hamilton" (2022)

  • Emeley Tsvetkov & Maggie Weatherly, "How the Other Half Lives" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (2017)

  • Julia Todd & Lucas Esteves, "The Song That Goes Like This/Spamalot" (2012)

  • Brandon Armstrong & Lauren Perez, "Notice Me Horton/Seussical" (2008)

  • Lauren Bates & Andrew Garces, "Serious/Legally Blonde" (2008)

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