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Solo Musical

6172 Hall of Fame
Scoring Criteria
  • Character development/ Consistency

  • Delivery/Style

  • Emotional Commitment/ Believability

  • Pitch/Intonation

  • Staging/Choreography

  • Vocal Production/Technique



Vocal technique goes without saying.  You have to be able to produce it cleanly and accurately.  What most singers miss though, is that there's a character and story to your song.


Read (or watch) the entire piece.  See at what point in your character's story-life the song is taking place.  Then, figure out what the song is saying about him/her, and (acting-wise) the most important question : what is motivating your character to sing right now?  What is it that he/she wants, but doesn't already have?  This is the center of your piece.


Find a friendly Chorus teacher or vocal coach to help you through the music.  Sing from the diaphragm and know what parts of your song are meant to just lift up and SOAR.

  • Marc Quiles, "It Takes Two" from "Hairspray" (2006)

  • Izzy Harper, "Used to Be Mine" from "Waitress (2019)

  • Miranda Ross, "Only in New York" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (2008)

  • Melissa Domenech "Your Daddy's Son" form Ragtime" (2002)

  • Max Mead, "Gotta Die Sometime" from "Falsettos" (2020)

  • Izzy Harper, "Used to Be Mine" from "Waitress (2019)

  • Kenzie Mealor, "All That Jazz" from "Chicago" (2019)

  • Sarah Hudak, "Rose's Turn" from "Gypsy" (2011)

  • Jonathan Hogsett, "Why" from "Tick ... Tick ... Boom" (2011)

  • Sarah Hudak, "No Good Deed" from "Wicked" (2010)

  • Miranda Ross, "Only in New York/Thoroughly Modern Millie" (2008)

  • Lauren Perez, "Roxie/Chicago" (2008)

  • Marc Quiles, "It Takes Two/Hairspray" (2006)

  • Melissa Domenech "Your Daddy's Son/Ragtime" (2002)

  • Zoe Artrip, "Used to Be Mine" from "Waitress" (2020)

  • Andrea Rios Santiago, "Pacienca y Fe" from "In the Heights" (2020)

  • Katie Richard, "Everything I Know" from "In the Heights" (2019)

  • Max Mead, "Freeze Your Brain" from "Heathers" (2019)

  • Izzy Harper, "Burn" from "Hamilton" (2018)

  • Lance Trejo, "Maria" from "West Side Story" (2018)

  • Mackenzie Mealor, "Don't Rain on My Parade" from "Funny Girl" (2018)

  • Emeley Tsvetkov, "Right Hand Man" from "Something Rotten" (2018)

  • Amanda Lewandoski, "Pretty Funny" from "Dogfight" (2017)

  • Jenna Ojeda, "God Save the Outcasts" from "Hunchback of Notre Dame" (2017)

  • Keri Boyne, "Roxie" from "Chicago" (2017)

  • Jayla Thompson, "There are Worse Things I Could Do" from "Grease" (2017)

  • Maggie Weatherly, "Breathe" from "In the Heights" (2016)

  • Brianna Courchene, "Jimmy" from "Throughly Modern Millie" (2014)

  • Caitlin Cameron, "Nothing" from "A Chorus Line" (2011)

  • Chrissy Bracken, "The Wizard & I/Wicked" (2009)

  • Karly Muzik, "My Party Dress/Henry & Mudge" (2009)

  • Sarah Hudak, "Come to Your Senses/Tick Tick Boom!" (2009)

  • Chrissy Bracken, "Good Morning Baltimore/Hairspray" (2008)

  • Lauren Vanhelden, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina/Evita" (2008)

  • Mary Powell, "Part of Your World/The Little Mermaid" (2008)

  • Starlett Hill, "Home/Beauty & the Beast" (2007)

  • Megan Russell, "And I Am Telling You/Dreamgirls" (2007)

  • Brandon Armstrong, "If I Can't Love Her/Beauty & the Beast" (2007)

  • Bernadette Ricard, "Mamma Mia/Mamma Mia" (2007)

  • Londa Edwards, "The Ladies Who Lunch/Company" (2007)

  • Londa Edwards, "Al Donza/ Man of La Mancha" (2006)

  • Brandon Armstrong, "Music of the Night/ Phantom of the Opera" (2006)

  • Elizabeth Cate, "Good Morning Baltimore/ Hairspray" (2005)

  • Paige Maskavich "Bye Bye Birdie" (2002)

  • Lexi Flamio "In My Own Little Corner/Cinderella" (2003)

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